DisconnectedTrip is an online portal offering ethical tourism, with direct booking, promoting responsible tourism on a worldwide offer of "disconnected" themed experiences. Are you a travel planner, wedding planner or designer? Feel free to create your account to join our directory. Are you a tourism professional? Stand out from the crowd and create your "disconnected" offer : with a disconnection offer you reduce your digital environmental impact and become a new Low-Tech enthusiast!
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The DisconnectedTrip directory is commission-free, with free access. The options are "à la carte" for 1 year and without contract or subscription obligation (Pay as you go). Everything is configurable (modifiable, cancellable...) from your personal space on the website. The edition of promotional offers -such as coupons and private sales- is available for premium members. More information while registering, no hidden fees, everything is clear. Any communication or transaction is between the professional and his clients: DisconnectedTrip is a promotional tool available to its users. To promote direct booking to your customers, it is ideal to have a booking engine on your website; you can also display your promotional offers (coupons) on your DisconnectedTrip ad to make it attractive to book via your official website.

A commission-free tools solution with a totally free basic offer (website, booking engine, booking system PMS (Property Management System), channel manager, Smoobu App…)

Private Sales & Special Offer Display starting now!

A new option allows you to display on your ad promotional offers and "private sales" offered for booking directly on By opting for our new Private Sales option, your member account will be automatically linked to the offer on DisconnectedTrip: you will then be able to accept payments and transfer funds from and to anywhere in the world, without any installation or other functionality required, nor website with booking engine, nor PMS or Channel Manager, but compatible with a large part of them if you use them. The cost for a reservation made through the Private Sales consists of the addition of the commission of the payment system and the one of DisconnectedTrip (in fair-booking = low commission rate (operating costs)). To be discovered very soon!

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